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Last modified: October 30, 2021

This website uses cookies to improve the user experience and to ensure that it is working effectively. This Cookie Notice is part of our Privacy Notice. For more information about us and how we protect visitor information, please see our privacy policy.

With the purpose of offering a more responsible and personalized service, we store information about how you use this website. This is done through a small text file called cookie. Cookies contain small amounts of information and are downloaded to your computer or device by the server of this website. Your web browser sends these cookies again to this website in each and every afterwards visit so it can recognize you and remember things such as your user preferences. You can find more detailed information about cookies and how they work on

Each time that this website is used, information can be stored through the use of cookies and other technologies. By using this website, you accept the use of cookies, as it is described in this Notice of Cookie Use.

What do cookies do and why do we use them?
Some of the cookies we use are necessary so you can navigate in this website and make use of its functionalities, such as access to safe areas with special content for registered users.

We also use the denominated functional cookies with the purpose of registering information about options you may have chosen previously, that allow us personalize the website for our users: In example, remembering your language, region or that you completed a survey. This information is anonymous and it is not used for any other purpose.

Also, we or our service providers, use the analysis services to help us understand the efficiency of our contents and know what matters the most to our users, with the purpose of improving the functionalities of our website.

We also make of your knowledge that we use web beacons or follow up pixels to count or number of visitors, as we also use the denominated performance cookies to do a follow up of how many users, individually, have access to this website and how often.

This information is use only with statistic purposes and its not the main goal to use it to personally identify any user.

This website does not use the denominated Targeting Cookies to deliver specific advertising targeted at the visitors of this website.

In case you need to request more detailed information about the cookies we use, pleas contact us through the following link: Contact Us.

How can cookies be managed?
By using this website, you accept that cookies are placed in your computer or device, as it is mentioned in the past sections. Nonetheless, you can control and manage cookies in different ways. Consider that by eliminating of blocking them, will have a repercussion in website use and you will not be able to access it completely.

Web Browser Controls
Most of web browsers will allow you to access cookies that have been stored in your machine and you can eliminate them individually or block them for all websites or selected ones. We make of your knowledge that any preference that you have established will be lost if you eliminate all cookies, including the options to opt not to use them, given that this process requires that you disable the use of them. To obtain more information about how to modify the configuration of your browser to block or filter cookies, please consult or

Management of Google Analytics
Cookies You can opt to navigate in an anonymous way in registered websites with Analysis Cookies. We use the following service providers and you can obtain more information about their Privacy Policies and the way to opt not to use cookies, accessing the following websites:

Google Analytics:

Buttons to access Social Networks
We use the denominated “buttons to access social networks” to allow our users to share or bookmark web pages. These buttons activated for third party websites, can register information about your internet activities, including this website. Review the respecting Terms of Use and Privacy Policies of these websites with the purpose that you understand how your information is being used as well as the way to opt not using them or eliminate that information.

External Web Services
Sometimes external web services are used to show some contents on this website, in example, to show images, videos of the programs or directed surveys. In the same way as the social networks buttons, you cannot avoid that these websites or external domains, collect information about the use of integrated content.

Email Communications
We can also use tracing technologies to determine if you have read, clicked or re-sent some communications over email, with the purpose of making this communication more effective, useful or interesting. If you wish not to confirm that you accessed, clicked or re-sent our communications, you must unsubscribe, given that is not possible for us to send an email without enabling tracing.

Registered users can update their communication preferences at any time by contacting us through our website in the Contact Us page or they can opt to unsubscribe by following the instructions contained in our individual email communications they receive from us.

Modifications to this Notice of Cookie Use can be done unilaterally when required. In case they are carried out, the last revision date will be updated just as it is shown in the upper part of this section of the website. These modifications will be under effect from the last revision date. We invite you to review this Notice of Cookie Use periodically with the purpose of being informed about the way we use them.

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