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Recover up to 99% of Duties and Taxes

If you paid Customs Duties and Taxes and later exported or destroyed the goods imported, you can get your money back

We will work with you to set up a Drawback program in place and process your Drawback claims 

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Penalty Mitigation

Penalties may be mitigated

Customs Regulations provide for the possibility of penalty mitigation

We will build a case for you, present the mitigation request and interact with US Customs on your behalf

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Protect your Rights as an Importer

Any decision by Customs and Border Protection that negatively impacts an importer’s rights is subject to protest

We will analyze your situation and present a protest for you to obtain available remedies

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Binding Rulings

Uncertainty in International Trade can mean disaster.

We can help you obtain a binding ruling for your products to provide legal certainty which will translate into financial certainty and security for your organization

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Country of Origin

The country of origin of your products determines your tariffs

Determining correctly the country of origin of your products may mean the difference between profit and loss or financial ruin, we can help you determine the origin as well as put a program in place that will alert you to any potential risks

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Product Classification

The correct Tariff classification of the products is key

Incorrect tariff classifications may lead to unnecessary duties and fees, or penalties for underpayment which can erode your bottom line

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Customs Audits

Are you prepared for a Customs Audit?

We can help you prepare and respond to Customs audits to assure that you provide the necessary information to reduce the impact of potential non compliance with audit requests

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Compliance Review

Is your organization in compliance of regulations?

Compliance is a part of protecting your organization’s profitability, we can diagnose and report objectively and present you with a work plan to address any deficiencies

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Security in International Trade benefits your company

Adhering to Customs Trade Partnership Against Terrorism program and guidelines, allows your company to increase resiliency and prevent catastrophic security events

Mexico Services

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Manufacturing programs

Take advantage of Operating in Mexico, our team will help you:

  • Plan and make all decision about the best legal setup for your situation and goals, so you can export to the world protecting your profits

  • Legally Set up your company before all regulatory agencies for full compliance and predictability

  • Maintain your registry and remain in full compliance to avoid costly penalties and unnecessary taxes

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Compliance Review

Before your purchase a Mexican Company, or if you want an Objective review of your Current Mexican Operation’s compliance Status, Arias Quinn will assist by:

  • Current Risk Analysis

  • Full Compliance report for all governmental agencies

  • Offering a Periodic Review and monitoring

  • Structure Correction and prevention solutions

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Customs and fiscal benefit registrations

We are experts in preparing your company to obtain certifications that provide benefits in terms of indirect taxes and logistics by obtaining programs, registrations and certifications such as:

  • Importer and Sectorial Registry

  • (PROSEC) & Regla 8va.

  • IVA and IEPS Certification registration

  • AEO Certification and registration

  • Commercial Certification “SOCO”

  • C-TPAT program

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Control and compliance in foreign trade inventories

We have technological solutions that allow the review, correction and monitoring of inventory control systems and credits in VAT-IEPS:

  • Annex 24

  • Annex 31

  • Restructuring and correction of balances

  • Compliance monitoring

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Consulting and Assistance

Our services provide response and solutions to requirements that your company may have on issues such as:

  • Procedures in Customs and Foreign Trade matters before local and federal authorities regarding non-tariff regulations

  • Standards

  • Consultation in tariff classification opinions

  • Customs valuation

  • Certification of origin

  • Draw Back

  • Criteria confirmation

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Consulting and Legal defense

As your legal and international trade team we help you with:

  • Information requirements

  • Unfair practices

  • Technical boards on certification, valuation and tariff classification

  • Assistance in: Home Visits, Cabinet Reviews, Invitation Letters, Administrative Procedures in Customs Matters (PAMA)

  • Revocation and / or Review Resources

  • Judgements

  • Amparo

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We become an extension of your company and process:

  • Import and Export transactions

  • Logistics

  • Generating compliance files

  • Systems data entry and maintenance for compliance

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Focused Audits

Our experts perform audits by period, review subject, or objective, in order to support your company in self-correction or decision-making in the event of business purchases, or structural changes with services such as:

  • Organizational processes

  • Fixed Assets

  • Compliance with Customs and Fiscal laws and regulations

  • Due Diligence

Our wide range of services added to our experience in the sector, are the solution for your business needs.

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